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Saving your time and money

  • Need extra hands?

    Need extra hands?
  • Deadline is soon?

    Deadline is soon?
  • No regular/full-time developers

    No regular/full-time developers
  • Have a brilliant idea of the internet startup, but don't know how to develop its technological core?

    Have a brilliant idea of the internet startup, but don't know how to develop its technological core?
Get experienced web programmers and other web specialists for outsourcing your project, site, service of any complexity
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What we can do

  • Languages

    — PHP

    — GoLang

    — JavaScript

    — SQL

  • Frameworks/CMS

    — Symfony

    — Laravel

    — Bitrix

    — Vue.js

    — React.js

  • DBMS

    — MySQL

    — PostgreSQL

    — MongoDB

    — Redis

  • Tools

    — RabbitMQ

    — WebPack

    — Git

    — CI

    — Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Technologies

    — GraphQL

    — RESTful

    — OOP

    — Blockchain

    — Testing

  • Result

    — E-commerce

    — CRM systems

    — Single Page Apps

    — API

    — Integration

    — Refactoring

    — Architecture

Why is it worth ordering web programmers for outsourcing

Special attention to the project: we can devote more time to your project, since we do not waste time on what it is spent by regular programmers in the office. We work on our own equipment and use our own resources. Our mission is strictly following the rule of completing the project on time, and are never guided by «the working day is over» principle!

Savings: pay only for the work done. No payment for lazy programmers salaries, free cookies, coffee, communal and rent payments.

Timing: it is important for us to complete your project not only qualitatively, but also quickly to take on a new one. We correctly distribute tasks in accordance with the competence of specialists.

Quality: all our developers have at least 6 years experience of working with mass-scale projects, programming in different languages, as well as application of modern, efficient technologies and solutions

Testing and guarantees: we always complete the project as it was planned, not leaving a client with partially executed work, without support and consultations, as it happens with freelancers.

And other more…

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